2012 Real Estate Forecast

Welcome to http://www.MichaelLauer.com  Boy, wasn’t the 2011 real estate market a lot of fun? Is 2012 going to be any better? Let’s take a look. Well, the year ended with some slightly positive news creeping into our market. The free fall in pricing from prior years has slowed way down. The question is, when are prices going to start going back up? There’s a wide variety of resources, gurus, supposed experts, and governmental agencies all giving their opinion, and none of them can agree on anything.

My take on the market, which reflects my own day to day, in the trenches experience, leads me to think that prices could still slowly erode an additional 2 to 5 percent during 2012. So, don’t kill the messenger, but my opinion is prices will not start to increase anytime in the near future.

 Watch the video for the full prediction…

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