We were referred to Michael Lauer through a mutual friend to help us through the sale of our home which we had owned for over 34 years. Michael explained all the complicated real estate issues that we were not familiar with and about to encounter, in a way that was easy to understand. His professionalism and positive attitude was very comforting and reassuring. Anyone dealing in any type of real estate matters, we would recommend and refer him in the highest regard.

Joanne G. and Jay Kisz

Michael Lauer is beyond a pleasure to work with. He is quick to go above and beyond to get results. He is easy to get a hold of and has proven himself to be well-connected, ethical, fair, as well as straight-forward and skilled in all the details that matter. His sense of humor and attention to detail will see you through the unexpected moments and he will keep you informed through every step of the process. You will definitely be glad you chose to work with him. The bottom line is Michael’s personality and professionalism make for an unbeatable combination!

~Deitra Jones

Hi Michael,

My wife and I wanted to say thank you for taking such good care of us while you were helping us buy our new home.

You made us feel very comfortable about the whole buying process. You showed us the best way to handle all of the different steps with getting financing, finding affordable insurance and getting all of the inspections done to make sure that we are getting a great home and a great deal. We had a lot of questions and appreciate you taking your time to answer them all.

We gave your phone number to two of our best friends, Aleks and Marina. They need to sell their home and we told them you would take care of them like they were family.

Thank you again and we Love our home.

Aaron and Ilana Shoham

We couldn’t be happier that the business of selling our house via a short sale was entrusted to Michael Lauer. We were amazed how professionally Michael handled every step of the short sale process – putting house for sale, negotiating with the bank, leading us through the paper work completion, managing the closing, and many other tasks were done in the most expert manner. It greatly alleviated most of our anxiety and frustration which other people unfortunately suffer through during a short sale process.

Michael always made himself available and had patience to answer our endless questions regardless of whether it was day, night, or weekend. He proactively kept up us up to date on the short sale progress. His easy going personality, intelligence, manners, and expertise were very reassuring. He simply cared to help in our situation and went above and beyond to make things happen. The high level of customer service Michael provided made us feel very special. Thankfully to his proficiency, the fact that we were in NY and Michael was selling our house in FL did not hinder the sale process even a bit.

Amazingly enough, from the time our house went under contract till closing it took only 3 months!

We are very grateful and appreciative for everything Michael has done to make the short sale of our house a success.

Thank you very much Michael!

Aleksandr and Miriam Gozenpud

Last year was not a good year for me.  After almost two years of unemployment, I was forced to sell my home.  For a single woman, ‘home’ is not just brick and mortar; it is sanctuary and safety and artistic recreation.   For me it was a source of pride, and proof that I had not wasted my time and talent, but had accomplished something worthwhile and made a place for myself in the world. I planned to retire there, or maybe fall in love and share it with someone special; or just have my grandchildren come to visit from California. I loved my life and my neighbors and my church.  But I couldn’t hold out any longer.

I met Michael Lauer and his boss one evening just to talk about listing my home.  They gave me facts and figures and a realistic price to expect.  They told me the truth about where prices were going in my neighborhood. Prices would not be going up, they said, or even holding steady, but would be going down each and every month for an undetermined amount of time.  They were right.  And the prices continue to go down to this day.

I signed a contract with them, and within two weeks my house was sold.  I was in shock.  I didn’t want to go, I didn’t know where I would go, and I felt that my life was over.  People kept telling me I was “so lucky” and “congratulations” and “we don’t believe it.” But it was true, and I did have to go.  And I wasn’t happy about it!

Michael was there for me every step of the way.  I didn’t have to worry about what papers to sign, or about what needed to be done before I moved.  He kept me informed…and he kept me going.  He was not just a realtor, but a friend.  He and his wife, Joy, bought some of the furniture I was trying to sell.  They both encouraged me, and provided the reassurance I needed so badly.

Two months after my move, I found a job.  I also found my fiancé.  So I have a lot to adjust to now as well.  It is a happy adjustment and a hopeful beginning.  Sometimes friends tell us the hard truths we don’t want to hear.  It is only later that we appreciate their tenacity and courage.  Thank you Michael…you won’t ever be forgotten!

-Nancy TerKeurst